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Fifty Shades of Grey – Exclusive Australian Screening

Special Event Review – Not a GREY moment!

“Well this is going to be embarrassing..” I thought to myself as I scooped my hair over my lanyard against my LLBD (the extra L for LEATHER…We are watching the first screening of Fifty Shades after all!)

So what’s all the fuss about? And why so embarrassed Journalette!? Well we all know what the Best Selling Novel is about and if you don’t then…ahh I’m blushing already! Please just, “Google it!” Okay – you can tell I’ve rarely watched anything like this, let alone on the Silver Screen (Or should I say Grey Screen! Okay enough with the “grey jokes!”).

So, let’s get to business –

What: Launch Party and First Screening of Fifty Shades of Grey

Where: Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park

Dress Code: Chic

TJ’s Rating:

Making our way to the “Champagne Reception” along the red, I mean black carpet with the usual backdrop, set up the perfect entry for guests and local celebrities alike. Photographers lined up, every kind of lense imaginable waiting to shutter the likes of Johnny Ruffo, Michael Dorman (Wonderland), Sophie Faulkner and Sophie Lowe just to name a few!

After taking our first snaps of the night little did we know we would be in for more photo opportunities ahead. I really didn’t know what to expect as I entered the Main Event Hall. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Dimly lit by soft chandeliers and starry fairy lit walls, old-fashioned pinned leather sofas, black, white and grey hued lights weaved through this elegant but playful party.


Is that live music I hear? I follow my ears and the sweet sound of Beyoncé’s “Crazy In Love” sung in a sultry, jazz tone alongside a suited pianist. I could watch this all day sipping on that peachy fizz everybody seems to be drinking.

Speaking of, where is my drink? I’ve spent so much time exploring this sensual set up that I’ve forgotten to grab a glass. As a result the Signature Peachy Champagne has run out and everyone’s happy with standard Sparkling and canapés.

A large poster of Mr Grey centres the room and everyone is taking snaps leaning on him (as we did), pulling cute faces or pretending to smack the back of his pants! Haha! The #fiftyshadesrevealedphoto (in black and white, of course) is sent from the main photographer to a representative’s iPhone and then sent to you to share with all your friends on fb/email/etc! Great marketing and social media strategy right there – I really love this idea.

I ask the well-dressed waiters what is in the canapés and it is so LOUD I can’t hear a word of her reply. I eat it anyway (because I’m a such risk-taker, right?). Pumpkin, fish and bread in one tasty little treat. Not bad at all.

We spot Angela Bishop and the Channel 10 News Team chatting to a few more celebs and then back to the camera to cover the event. And what an event it was – it felt like a mix of a black and white themed cocktail party, wedding reception and “Gossip Girl” set all in one! The music, the décor, the chandeliers and just trendy, sensual vibe was beyond my expectations. The only miss was it was really humid inside so everyone opted to fan themselves with their lanyard to cool down (and I’m sure they would be using it throughout the movie as well!).

As it drew nearer to 8:00pm we made our way to the cinema to be seated and presented with a goodie bag filled with well, goodies! Mud House New Zealand Pinot Gris (more wine!), OPI “Embrace the Gray” Nail Polish, Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam, Sydney Seaplanes Flyer and Blackmores….Men’s Performance Multivitamin….(awkwardddddd!)

Speaking of awkward. What I’ve been trying to tell you (or not tell you) this whole time is that the reason I am “oh-so-embarrassed” is because I’m all seated, the Launch Party has been amazing so far and I’m about the watch Fifty Shades of Grey with…my brother!?

There I said it. MY. BRO.

He wanted to watch it, I obviously was dying to see it first, we got tickets, so family first right!? And you know what – IT ACTUALLY WASN’T BAD.

The sex scenes are nothing compared to what I feared nor what it’s been hyped up to be. And, we’re mature adults, right? Well, at leastI am? Right? Right. It wasn’t weird, the movie was amazing and I would recommend any lover of rom-coms, chick flicks or a good night out to see it!

The sexual content is definitely blown out of proportion and as much as there are some scenes with a blindfold, handcuff, whip, feathers and melting ice – that’s it! The music is probably the sexiest part as tunes from The Weeknd set the whole mood of many provocative scenes. Definitely worth buying the sound track! Amazing!!!

Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) and Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) are the perfect mix of innocent meets intense and when the two become intertwined they both lose themselves in what seems like “just a physical relationship.” Since he doesn’t do“chocolates and flowers and all” (I’m hoping he’ll change his mind by next Valentines!) what he does do is fly her around in his helicopters, jet planes and chauffeur her to wherever she pleases (YES, pah-lease!). Their physical relationship seems to cross many boundaries after he introduces her to his playroom.

My favourite line…

“What playroom? Like your Xbox and stuff?” – Anastasia

“No Anastasia, No Xbox, I’ll show you…” –  Christian

Opens the door and her facial expression is priceless! (Just watch the movie and you will see!)

Having brothers myself that is definitely something I would say and I’m sure a lot of women can relate to when it comes to a man’s “play room” or “man cave” as they like to call it these days.

Within the movie you don’t really know who to feel more sorry for – Anastasia, who has surrendered herself to Christian both physically and mentally by falling in love with him as a result of his confusing nature. Or Christian who can’t seem to let her completely into his world as well as his troubled grey matter, his mind! (Okay that was my last grey joke, I promise!)

In the final scene you are left hoping that there is more dialogue as the elevator doors shut abruptly, keeping you in heightened suspense for the sequel. Let’s hope the sequel, let alone the whole trilogy is just as good as the original! LOVED. IT!

Even if you’re thinking “No, it’s a bit too risqué” or “it isn’t my thing” – trust me it’s not that bad! And I watched it with my “bro” so that’s saying something!

So now, I am not one bit embarrassed, BUT I definitely know what all the fuss is about! Fifty Shades, you have passed with flying colours and Mr Grey, I’ll see you in my dreams (with flowers and chocolates this time).

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