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GET THE LOOK: Never. Ending. Trends.

If there’s one thing I love most about being a “girl”, it’s having the freedom to experiment with so many aspects of fashion – from make-up to hair, to nails and jewellery to bags and shoes, (I think you get the point) but what I love most about dressing up is, well, wearing a dress!

(p.s. I’m definitelyΒ notΒ saying that men can’t experiment with the above either. Some males, mostly bloggers/artists I’ve seen even do a much better job than me!)

So what is this Never. Ending. Trend.


I really feel like this trend has been at the top of it’s game in the last year or so and isn’t planning on going anywhere. (not that I’m complaining – I absolutely LOVE white and I love lace even more. so white lace dress. YES!

Whether you’re going to have a drink with friends, a day at the races or even a beachy date then this is the go-to-dress. Love it!

Now onto the festival fanatics…if you haven’t worn a flower crown yet then where on earth have you been!?

Model, Emma Lee, is rocking a hot pink Flower Crown that just makes this whole outfit POP. And no matter what kind of mischief you’re getting up to, a flower crown always gives you that angelic, cute and feminine look. Emma Lee, you nailed it.

If you have no idea what to wear on your head to the races, festival or even Halloween (helloooo Day of the Dead outfit!) then whack on a crown of flowers and you’ll be the prettiest rose amongst the thorns.

Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy this everlasting trend.


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  1. Jonathan

    November 15, 2016 at 3:31 am

    Great story!
    Really enjoyed the read πŸ™‚

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