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When: 29th September – 2nd October 2016

Where: Royal Hall of Industries

 Journalette’s Review:

If you’re a fashionista and your eyes light up every time you see the word ‘SALE’ then beware, Fashion Weekend is here!

Having attended Fashion Weekend in the past, I thought I would beat the crowds and arrive later than usual (fashionably, of course). Ironically though, I did everything but buy shiny, new, designer clothes! (And no, it wasn’t my intention at all!). I guess I was just more interested in everything else on offer.

Let’s talk about this “Beauty Hub” which featured everything from fake eyelashes, beauty treatments, to getting your hair braided and even a photo shoot!


Artémes Lash Bar – If there’s one thing that makes me feel “glammed up” it’s long, luscious lashes. And these were the best in the business – I’m talking beautifully, handcrafted, fancy-shmancy lashes worn by the likes of Rita Ora, Lea Michele, Chrissy Tiegan and Kourtney Kardashian. (They had me at Chrissy Tiegan so these lashes just had to be legend-ary. I spent half an hour trying to decide which pair of fluttery fakeys to purchase but once I decided, a qualified make-up artist was instantly at my service, applying them effortlessly before I could blink twice!

The Photo Studio – As a strutted across the red carpet, I mean concrete floors, after my lush, lash make-over, I was approached by a few girls to have a little fun and come join a free professional photo shoot by “The Photo Studio”. Feeling overly confident and “pretty”, it didn’t take much convincing for me to get in front of that camera and practice my best pose. But as the fan spun round, blowing my hair back swiftly and the photographer gave me some tips to “turn this way and grab my leather jacket here and there” – I started to regret my decision…quite quickly. What was I thinking? From now on I’ll leave the modeling to the professionals, thanks Chrissy.

 Hair Cartel Braid Bar – Who doesn’t love getting their “hair did?” I sure do, and braids are the “in thing this spring” so I chose one of four styles of braids and also received a free “blow-dry voucher” at their Bondi Salon all for just $20! I did notice that every second person had braids by the end of the show though (awkward).


CLOTHING – I found the clothing to be nothing out of the ordinary for something “designer” and still quite pricey, even though they were deemed “on sale”. Other than that I would have loved to see the Fashion Show but didn’t have time nor did I purchase the ticket, which included a seat to view the catwalk.

Overall, I will take the blame for not making the most out of Fashion Weekend but I did walk out of there feeling less fashionable but more pampered.

I also regret not purchasing the VIP ticket, which included:

  • Front row seats in the Catwalk Show
  • Access to the exclusive VIP Lounge including three complimentary drinks
  • An exclusive bar for any additional drink purchases
  • Access to the SHOP Til You Drop Designer Sale
  • A private bathroom in the VIP Lounge
  • A VIP gift bag full of goodies

At $99 for this “all-access” VIP ticket, it would have been worth my while so hopefully I’ll make up for it next year…I’ll braid my hair and apply lashes in advance. Fashion Weekend, beware.

Journalette’s Friend:

WARNING: The following contributor is a noob to fashion related events and has little to no knowledge about the fashion industry and … fashion.

To take this bit seriously, you’ll need to forget everything that you just read. My experience of the Fashion Weekend expo was vastly different to that of Mabel’s (The Journalette).

Being a first-timer I went with no expectations and with the intention to shop. I had done some research before heading out and checked out the exhibiting brands on the website. I’d spotted a few brands that suited my taste in clothing and was praying the entire way there that they’d be discounted by 90% (not exaggerating).

The ticket purchasing process was simple (even for our free tickets) and I received consistent reminders about the upcoming weekend – which I didn’t mind at all. Tickets were scanned at the door very efficiently and it was clear where we needed to go.

The minute I entered the venue I spotted a stand that said “Everything $30” and I was sold! I was pleased with the variety and price, so I made it a point to visit every stand after as well.

I was very ignorant of all the activations because my focus was on shopping, so unfortunately I don’t even remember seeing the Lash Bar or Braid Bar. I did however walk away with some shopping (total cost $70) that I’m still quite excited about.

It would have been nice to have more brand options, but in saying that the size of the expo worked for me because I managed to get in and out within my 2-hr time limit (to not pay for parking that is).

I can’t say that I would have been interested in being involved in the additional aspects of this weekend or that this experience has made me want to go watch a Fashion Show but I’d go again next time just for the sales!

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